Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

It's a weird spot to be in, to be a full time family and yet a full time family-in-progress. Yet even in the midst of our adoption news and progress (which is still very much a part of our every day life!), we try still try to keep a perspective that focuses on current family as well. Life has a tendency to keep going, whether you want it to or not, so I thought I'd try to regularly share some of the fun and not so fun things we have going on. I'd like to call this the first installment of Thursday Thoughts...but we'll see how well that goes or catches on.

1. Trees: I don't know what it is about our family and trees, but that crazy windstorm we had this past weekend took out one of our hickory trees on Saturday: the second one since we moved into this house in July. Thankfully, our friends were visiting...well, thankfully for us at least--I don't know how they felt about it. We clearly have a natural proclivity for falling trees, so just beware when you're walking through our yard. Thanks Jansmas, for helping with the tree that so very randomly fell down and provided a great photo op. Derek is especially excited for all the free, nice lumber our yard is providing us with, so in approximately one year or so (or however long it takes the hickory wood to dry, I don't quite get how that works) and you want something made out of hickory, you know where to go. 

2. Sickness: Jordan started school this year and this is Judah's first season experiencing American germs, so I have been anticipating this being our first season to really try and build our immunity up. Derek's Grandma Z. passed away a few weeks ago, and on the way up for the arrangements Jordan literally left our house healthy and 150 miles later needed his albuterol inhaler every few hours. He was the first one sick, and so very kindly shared it with all of us. We have learned though that even sick, Judah still bebops his way through life. Even when Jordan and I were curled up with tissues and blankets and inhalers and antibiotics (Derek took it like a man and didn't go to the doctor), Judah didn't let it get him down. We also learned that Jordan will always get hit harder with whatever colds come our way, but thankfully we were home by the time the worst of it hit and we still were able to stay out of the hospital. It doesn't seem fair sometimes because he has zero restrictions on activity and his heart is doing great, but that's how it is. 

3. The boys: Speaking of Judah always seemingly happy...Judah is almost always laughing about something, and usually that something is whatever silly thing Jordan is doing (when they're getting along at least). Every morning when I get up, they're already up and as soon as I walk out of our room they tell me to go back to bed--usually because they're in the middle of something they probably shouldn't be we have a lot of discussions in our house. And those discussions usually contain the words "we do not play in the toilet water" or "we do not drink from the dog's water bowl". They are busy, curious, sweet boys, and usually not purposefully naughty but test their boundaries and my patience on the daily. Also, color me shocked if Jordan doesn't try out for the drama department or any sort of stage. He has quite the flair for the dramatic. 

4. Behavior Issues: Outside of their typical three year old behavior, we have had some extreme behavior issues with one of our boys. The problem isn't with acting but reacting, and he has a hard time self-regulating. It's a cause of concern for us, because it's beyond typical reactions for a three year old and so we've been seeing a play therapist with him to teach him (and us) tools to help him focus and calm down. It's hard to explain because the only people who see these behaviors are us; no one else has reported anything of the sort when he or they are under others' care. It's a reminder that even with the best of care in China and doing our best with attachment, both of the boys have trauma of some sort (abandonment, medical conditions, etc.) in their background, rooted in fear and anxiety, that their subconscious remembers but their brains cannot keep up with. Thankfully on the especially hard days, Derek is close enough to be able to come home over lunch and help us all reset as a family. On such a day last week, both boys were extremely happy to find out that Derek matched them. Go Team Caterpillar!

5. 11th Anniversary: Last year, Derek and I tried to get away for our 10th wedding anniversary but we turned it into a family vacation somewhat last minute. At the beginning of this year, even knowing Judah wasn't home yet at the time and not knowing when that would be, we made it a priority to make time for a getaway for us this year, and we are running away in a couple weeks. We are thankful for Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunties who are helping watch our boys here so that we can take a time out and reset after an especially busy year and before we add a third child and his/her special needs to our calendar. We told the boys yesterday, and their first reaction was their typical FOMO response (Fear Of Missing Out) and wanted to go on vacation too. However, ruffled feathers were quickly soothed with promises of special time with all the grandparents and aunts and that Daddy and Mommy need vacations too, so that they can be better daddies and mommies.  (Can I get an Amen?)

6. Fundraisers: Currently, we still have FIVE days left for our T-shirt fundraiser! We are so thankful for anyone who has purchased a shirt--either one or eleven--to help us bring home the #weetaniithree! If you're still wanting to purchase a shirt, you can click here. A few have asked if we are doing either an AdoptTogether page like we did last time or applying for any matching grants. We first need to complete our home study to apply for any matching grants, or most grants at all, so once we hear back from those we will let you know! We also are hoping to do a book party fundraiser in November, so you'll be the first to know about that too. Thank you all for your continued support of our family through prayer especially! 

7. Christmas Cookies: Local friends, last year I think we ended up doing this in January, but we are hoping to have a Christmas Cookie exchange at our new house. I am once again using my favorite Christmas cookie picture from our first cookie exchange ever (Jessica L., they were epic), but any type of cookie is welcome. We've never turned one down, I don't think. Once I get my act together, I'll hopefully send out open house type invites for the second weekend in December. It's such a fun time to see people you may not see regularly or meet new ones. Kids are always welcome in this house, so you can choose if you want to want to make it child free or not. Pray for snow too...since we have an awesome yard for sledding.

8. Panera Delivery: Part of moving, and adopting again, has made us evaluate at our finances for obvious reasons, but also change our "go-to" nearby restaurants where we can all eat somewhat healthily for not an obscene amount of money and be satisfied. This is such a first world problem, but when we were all sick last week and no one had much energy, I discovered that the Panera Bread by our house delivers. Friends, this is a game. changer. I didn't know they delivered orders that aren't catered, but they do, and tomato soup and salad was the perfect post-doctor visit meal (and everyone else picked their own favorite comfort food). 

That's about all I can think of currently, at least for today's stream of consciousness. I'm hoping I can at least find some things fun to talk about once a month or so--for our sake so we can record our everyday, but maybe also your enjoyment. Thanks for sticking with us!