Sunday, April 19, 2015


Now we can explain this #pieceofthefamily business!

Ok. As previously discussed, we need help to bring our child home from China. (By the way, cannot wait to not say "our child" and actually start using their name.) 

Many of these things I've mentioned, but here are a few more details. I'm kind of a list maker, so here is what we're doing so far:

1) Most importantly because it's most immediate, we are having a garage sale on May 1 & 2! I'm not broadcasting the whole thing online, because, you know, posting our address for the whole world to see isn't too smart. But, I can tell you, we have a lot of stuff! If anyone wants to donate still, you can drop it off and wedge it in the front door or else we will be home all next week to prepare. Things for sale include electronics (computers, TV, cables, etc.), kids items (toys, clothes), housewares (linens, frames, etc.), books, movies, clothes, and more. 

Most specifically needed: tables and a non-rainy day! If you have tables we can borrow, please let us know. And if you could pray for a nice day, we would appreciate it! Thank you everyone who has brought us things and offered to help so far, we are so grateful! We will have a couple postings locally, so you can check out more details there or ask one of us! 

2) If you happen to find the time, try googling ways people funded their adoption and you'll be amazed at the creativity! Then, if you're like me, realize you could not do even a fraction of that and feel very woe is me. To reassure yourself that you can still do some crafty things, on a whim you decide to crochet a blanket. Your friend catches you doing it and insists (INSISTS) that you make lots and she will sell them in her shop. You roll your eyes, because you never really planned on being a crocheting lady, but do it anyway because you're a tiny bit scared of her. You make a few, give her the first delivery...

Unrelated, D got a camera for graduation. 
and BAM! Within 24 hours, most of them have sold. Moral of the story: I have a new side job, and sore fingers. It's not much, but every little bit helps! 

3) #pieceofthefamily puzzle piece fundraiser (get it?):
  • We bought a 252 piece puzzle (here if you want to see the picture)
  • One piece is $20
  • When you purchase one piece (or however many), we write your name on the piece.
  • Once all the pieces are sold, we will have raised over $5000 toward our adoption! 
  • After the names are written on all the pieces, we will frame and hang it in the nursery. That way, we will be able to show our son/daughter how many people loved him/her and helped bring them home! 
  • If you're interested in this, please let us know. We haven't started selling any pieces yet, but hope to sell all 252 over the next year or so. 
4) #pieceofthefamily benefit: Honestly, I'm not really "in charge" of this one. I know I keep saying it, but all I know for sure is that it is August 15. Ladies, mark your calendars because there will be all sorts of vendors, trunk shows, etc.! August is wayyyy far away, and I'm not really focused on it yet!

Most of these things we weren't planning on doing, at all. It's really sort of crazy how God just sort of drops things in your lap! For example, I never planned to crochet, or do any sort of craft thing, at all. Now I am. And more amazingly, people are buying them! We never really had to ask people for donations for the garage sale, at all--friends and family just brought stuff or told us what they were bringing! I talked to my friend about how I didn't know how we were going to come up with the money, and she said "ok, I'm doing a fundraiser for you, and here's when it will happen." Friends, family, acquaintances--they were ready to help and we had no idea what we even needed. We still don't, most of the time. 

Both of us are just amazed, as in jaw-dropping, eyes bugged out amazed at how things are coming together. By no means do we anticipate this whole adoption thing to come so easily together, but the way we feel affirmed in our decision to adopt is indescribable thanks to our family and friends! 

Pun Intended

Get it?
We've sort of danced around the subject now for awhile, but since we've found ourselves answering this question a lot recently we thought here would be a good place to address it.

Adoption is expensive. Different types and countries cost different amounts, but our adoption to China will be around $31,000. (There are a couple things in there that are variable, such as travel and in-country expenses that we can guesstimate but can't predict an exact number.) We've been blessed financially, and both of us consciously work hard to use the gifts we've been given wisely, but we've been humbled enough to realize sometimes that isn't enough and we do need help. After looking at the timelines and praying/thinking about it the last six months or so, (and hearing from countless friends and family members who want to help), we've set our goal to raise $7500. That number will actually cover our home study ($2500) and most of our travel fees (airfare and in-country expenses).

This was not an easy decision to make, and's super awkward. We really struggled with whether or not to ask for help, how much to ask for, and how to ask. And when people ask what we need...we really don't know what to say. Some extremely wise friends, who also adopted internationally, told us that if people want to help then let them, because to turn away their help would be to turn away God's prompting in them (I paraphrased).

So, what does this mean for you? Honestly, we aren't asking you for money. We're asking that you pray with us that people will help support us in this journey--and if that means financially, great! If not, there are other ways and that's just as great! But, ultimately, we now have an answer for what our needs are.

In an effort to be completely transparent, you can find a list of the fees and such here. If you have specific questions for us, just let us know.

How do we plan to achieve this? Click here to read how.