Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Post Grad Plans

Just a short little entry because it's a busy week.

Drod starts his last semester of grad school this week! He is spending the week in Madison at UW before jetting off to China for work for three weeks. We really never do anything halfway, do we?

It's been a long three years, but I'm so ridiculously proud of him! He's worked really hard at it, and we're both looking forward to neither of us being in school starting in January. Since we've been married, one or the other of us has been in school for the most part. It will be so weird to do things during the school year!

Except...the original plan was for me to finish up my Bachelor's once he was done with school--not right away, but maybe next year. Suddenly though, that just doesn't seem like it's something I want to do. D has been super supportive and is truly fine with whatever I want to do. What I need to figure out I just being lazy and should still go or do I really just not want it? We would definitely appreciate prayers for guidance for that. It definitely keeps me up at night.

FYI, graduation weekend at UW Madison is May 15-17. Hopefully, I will get the details from the powers that be about hotels, arrangements, etc. in an appropriate amount of time! I don't care if people don't really do parties for grad school graduations, we are having one!