Sunday, March 1, 2015

Catching Up

This past weekend, I finally feel like I'm getting it together. Our house doesn't reflect this, what with the Kleenexes everywhere, tumbleweeds of dog fur, and sink full of dirty dishes, but if anything being sick kept me parked on a couch or in bed with nothing to do but research, Pinterest, and plan.

Many of you have wondered and asked exactly what we need help with or what you can do to help us. Well, thanks to the plethora of time I've had this weekend I was able to make a list.

Ready, and GO!

1) Pray. Pray that we are wise with our resources and finances and spending choices. Pray that we will be organized in time for our garage sale. Pray for donations for our garage sale. Pray that our washing machine and dryer will last a little bit longer and that our check engine light won't cost $7000 to fix. Pray for the start of our home study in June. Pray that God will put the right people in our lives to support and encourage us. Pray that we don't limit God. Pray for wisdom and guidance and patience and patience. And patience.

I could go on with that, but I'd say that would summarize the right now.

2) Garage sale! Everyone's favorite thing to do, I know. I've read mixed reviews on these "garage sales for adoptions" but it seems like if you put the work into it, and a lot of work into it, then they are mostly successful. We'll be having one whenever our neighborhood has one (which I need to double check the date but I believe it is either first or second weekend in May). If you have things you'd like to donate, feel free to drop them off or we can pick up. If you're bored that weekend and want to stop by or want to help price or make cookies or knit scarves or whatever, you do that too! (If you live up near our parents, you can bring the stuff to their houses and we can get it from there. I should probably warn them that I said that, so parents--consider yourselves warned. Derek also says we need tables (or plywood and sawhorses, or doors and sawhorses). That's a minor detail I didn't think of until now. Thanks Derek!

3) Probably the most fun one on the list--puzzles! We need help assembling four puzzles. It's a long story, but essentially we need to assemble the puzzles, number the pieces, and stamp half of them. Just trust me. I promise, I'm not crazy.

I'm thinking a Friday night puzzle night? We'll provide the pizza!

I can no longer think of puzzles without singing this.
4) Crafting! At some point after these puzzles are assembled, labeled, and disassembled, we need to have do a few more things to the pieces. Honestly, I would try to explain, but it would be easier to show and tell and the puzzles are still en route from who knows where. Just remember, #pieceofthefamily!'s not a hard craft--not even cut and glue. Just glue. In case you were worried.

5) Keep August 15 clear if you can. I really don't know too much about this other than the date, but we have multiple friends who have approached us that want to do some sort of benefit event. Which is CRAZY. We'll go with it though, and see what God has in store. One friend has graciously blocked off the space at her shop to hold this event, which is amazing, but honestly I don't know much more than that. There's only two days in a weekend and I didn't do that much planning. You can add praying for that date and for God to move people to get involve to item #1.

I don't know if it's because it's March 1st or what, but I'm finally feeling like things are starting to get moving and organized. This should probably be first instead of last, but we'll call it saving the best for last. We are SO thankful for the amount of people who have asked us what they can do, or connected us with people who have been through the process or are going through the process, or just offered the right words at the right time. Yes, we realize we are still so much at the beginning of this and hesitated to share so early, but we wanted to involve our family and friends in what we feel God is calling us to do.

I'll try to publish a few more posts that have been sitting in the drafts for the past few months, but no promises.